just reasoning why...

...i never watch or listen to weather forecasts - the probability that i will like the prospects is as high as the likelihood with which they actually do come true...

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  1. I don't watch weather forecasts very much anymore, because they are almost always wrong. I mean, anyone could say "It's going to be cloudy tomorrow with a bit of rain" and have about a 20% chance of being right - I don't think the accuracy rate of these "proffesional meteorologists" who supposedly come up with the weather forecasts is any better.

    Worse, they give an hour-by-hour forecast of the day's weather, and when I cynically complain that "Well, they were right it would rain, but they got the time wrong by six hours!", people tell me "Oh, you can't expect them to be that precise, you know?" Well why do they do hour-by-hour forecasts if they aren't that accuracte then!!?? Grrrr, weather people must die!


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