just decided...

...that from now on i will not use the term 'celebrities' anymore, as i usually don't get or don't care what they are celebrated for anyway - instead, i will call them STIMPIs: Subjects To Intentionally Mislead Public Interest ...muhaha


  1. ROFL! "STIMPIs!" Oh, if only that would catch on - imagine the tabloid headlines.

    I don't know what it is with celebrity worship...why are people so fascinated in the lives of fatuous rich people who have short lived relationships and regularly change their eating habits, when there are lots of fatuous people who have short lived relationships all over the place?

    Indeed, why not just get fat, married, divorced and pregnant all in the course of a week yourself - it would be like a first person experience of reading "Hello!" magazine. Mislead public interest indeed.

  2. i have the suspicion that we like to know all the bad luck, mistakes, embarassments and downfalls of so-called 'idols' to feel less imperfect ourselves...

  3. I feel less imperfect purely by merit of having no interest in the luck, mistakes and down falls of STIMPIs ;p

    Nothing makes you feel more superior than having a conversation with someone who wants to talk about the false tan of someone called "Jade" whose identity it is assumed you know in advance.


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